Opportunity Information:

  • The Department of Transportation, DOT/Federal Railroad Administration in the transportation sector is offering a public funding opportunity titled "FY19 River to River Rail Resilience (R4) Project" and is now available to receive applicants.
  • Interested and eligible applicants and submit their applications by referencing the CFDA number(s): 20.323.
  • This funding opportunity was created on Sep 18, 2019.
  • Applicants must submit their applications by Sep 23, 2019 No Explanation.
  • Each selected applicant is eligible to receive up to $13,404,979.00 in funding.
  • The number of recipients for this funding is limited to 1 candidate(s).
  • Eligible applicants include: Others (see text field entitled Additional Information on Eligibility for clarification).
Apply for FR SAN 19 001
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693JK320NF0005 Pipeline Safety One-Call Grant


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